Director: Michael Rosenblum
Producers: Kathee Boyer and Ken Rayzor
Music Director: Melia Bacon
Choreographer: Melina Ortega
Costume Designs: Paige Loter
Assistant Director: Samantha Netzen Bingham
Assistant Choreographer: Abel Alderete
Technical Director: Patrick Duffy
Props: Tom Glauser

August 5 – Oct 10, 2024
7:00 – 10:00 pm Monday – Thursday (end times are approximate)
6:30 pm call time tech week
Saturdays during the day
One Sunday for tech
PLEASE NOTE: The end time is highly approximate; it may be earlier in the beginning of the rehearsal
process and last longer as we get closer to opening. There will be no specified end time during tech
We are very respectful of everyone’s time.

October 11 – Nov 10, 2024
(17 performances over 5 weeks)
Weekends 1, 2 and 3 | FRI 8:00, SAT 8:00, SUN 2:00
Weekends 4 and 5 | FRI 8:00, SAT 2:00 and 8:00, SUN 2:00
All performances are mandatory.

High Street Arts Center
45 E. High Street
Moorpark, CA 93021


  • This is an “open call” audition – Non-Equity, NO PAY


  • Please prepare one (1) minute of a song in the style of the show and bring an alternate selection as a backup (in some cases, the casting team may wish to hear more). Do not sing a song from the show. You may not sing a cappella.
  • Bring sheet music in your key; an accompanist will be provided.
  • An instrumental track from a phone or other device is acceptable, if the audio is edited, cued,
    and saved locally ON your device.
  • No streaming audio or wireless access will be provided.
  • Dance will be taught at the audition. Please bring appropriate clothing and dance shoes,
    including tap shoes.
  • Provide a résumé and headshot if you have one.

Additional Information

  • List ALL commitments and potential commitments that are during the rehearsal period – even those that are on days which are not currently listed as rehearsal days. The rehearsal schedule will be built around the cast’s availability.
  • No conflicts will be accepted for performance dates or the week before opening.
  • No additional conflicts will be accepted after casting.
  • Post-audition feedback will not be given.

Pre-registering to schedule an audition appointment is highly encouraged; however, you may audition without an appointment by arriving prior to 7:00 pm on any audition day.

To schedule an audition appointment:
PHONE: (805) 529-8700

The High Street Arts Center is a highly active local organization that attracts participants of all ages. Because of this, and for the safety of all involved, we conduct background checks. We use the same channels as organizations like Boys & Girls Club and Little League. Those who take part in this production, both cast & crew, will be asked to provide a home address, date of birth, and social security number. All personal information will be deleted and destroyed following the screening. We do this for the protection of children.

Based on the Academy-Award winning animated feature, Disney “a tale as old as time” is the story of Belle, a vibrant young woman in a small provincial town who finds herself trapped by an arrogant young prince who has fallen under the spell of a wicked enchantress and been transformed into a hideous Beast. If the Beast can learn to love and be loved, the curse will end and he and all of his loyal servants will be transformed back into their former selves. But time is running out; if the Beast does not learn his lesson soon, he and his household will be doomed for all eternity! Filled with wonderful tunes such as the lively “Be Our Guest” and the heart-warming title song, “Beauty and the Beast,” this Disney masterpiece is a must-see for children of all ages!

Actors of all ages, genders, sizes, and races are needed. Age ranges listed are approximate, and indicate the age to be played and not necessarily the age of the actor.

Belle: A vibrant, intelligent girl with beauty, who wants more out of the life than an ordinary existence. She is optimistic, fun-loving, caring, and eager to experience life.
Female, Age 20 to 25. Vocal range top: F5 | Vocal range bottom: E3

Beast: A Prince transformed into a terrifying Beast for his lack of compassion. He is hot-tempered and commanding, but has a warm, loving heart buried far beneath his gruff exterior.
Male, Age 25 to 40. Vocal range top: F4 | Vocal range bottom: A2

Gaston: The egotistical, ultra-masculine villain determined to marry Belle. He is manipulative, yet
charming and earnest.
Male, Age 25 to 40. Vocal range top: E4 | Vocal range bottom: A2

Maurice: Belle’s loving, eccentric father. A child at heart and inventor in his own world.
Male, Age 45 to 65. Vocal range top: Db4 | Vocal range bottom: Bb2

Cogsworth: A tightly-wound, enchanted mantle clock and the head of the Beast's household. He is uptight, strict, and punctual but also hard-working, faithful, and thorough.
Male, Age 40 to 55. Vocal range top: E4 | Vocal range bottom: A2

Lumiere: A suave, debonair enchanted candelabra. He is a loyal and steadfast servant.
Male, Age 30 to 45. Vocal range top: F#4 | Vocal range bottom: F#2

Mrs. Potts: A warm-hearted, maternal enchanted teapot. She is loyal, caring, and playful.
Female, Age 40 to 55. Vocal range top: G5 | Vocal range bottom: F#3

Madame De La Grande Bouche: A former opera diva turned enchanted wardrobe. She has a caring, refined, larger-than-life personality.
Female, Age 35 to 55. Vocal range top: D5 | Vocal range bottom: C#4

Chip: An enchanted teacup and Mrs. Potts' darling little boy. He is innocent, playful, and bright-eyed.
All Genders, Age 7 to 13. Vocal range top: F5 | Vocal range bottom: A3

Babette: A saucy, enchanted feather-duster, and the object of Lumiere's affections. She is a playful, gorgeous, seductive French maid.
Female, Age 20 to 30. Vocal range top: F5 | Vocal range bottom: C4

Lefou: Gaston’s bumbling sidekick. He is loyal, energetic, and optimistic, but not quite the brightest guy.
All Genders, Age 20 to 35. Vocal range top: F#4 | Vocal range bottom: B2
Monsieur D’arque: The scheming proprietor of the local insane asylum. He is a dark, sinister villain who aides Gaston in his plot to marry Belle.
Male, Age 35 to 55. Non-Singing

Ensemble: Wolves; Enchanted Objects; Townspeople, Les Filles La Ville, Narrator, Young Prince,