Summer Youth Camp 2021

June 14 - August 01, 2021

Moana, Junior Camp Information
– Ages 9-17
– 6 Week Camp | 4 days a week | 3 hours per day
– Monday – Thursday
– Two Performances

Registration – $600

Cancellation Policy
– Prior to May 1, 2021, refund minus $25 processing fee.
– Beyond May 1 and prior to June 1, 2021, refund minus $100 processing fee.
– June 1 and June 14, 2021, 50% refund.
– After June 14, 2021, no refunds.
– Signups begin 9:00 AM – Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Scholarships Available
A limited number of scholarships are available now. As camp fills up very quickly, it is important to submit applications as promptly as possible. To request an application, email


Moana Junior is a 60-minute musical adaptation of the 2016 Disney animated film, bringing the adventures of Moana and her village of Motunui to life onstage.

Our Summer Youth Theater Camp is for kids age 9-17. The six week camp meets three hours a day, Monday through Thursday, observing strict COVID protocols (see below). Participants will be placed into one of four casts, each with a maximum of twenty participants each. Each camp will have two performances.

CAMP-21 Planning
Historically, all kids spent the first week of camp together doing theater exercises before auditions and casting. Once cast, two separate productions rehearsed and performed individually, but still attended at the same time each day.

Due to COVID restriction on group sizes, we have made several changes:

Cast Size – Four Casts of Twenty Instead of Two Casts of Forty
There is a huge upside to this. It means there are twice as many roles available! However, to accommodate social distancing needs, it also means camp will be divided into morning and afternoon sessions. We do not have the space to safely manage four camps simultaneously.

Group Isolation
Fundamental to the size limitation is the requirement that, without exception, one group never mingles with another.

Online Auditions
Normally, we take the first week to get to know and evaluate everyone. To maintain our group isolation standard, we will form groups before camp begins. This means that casting will be done in advance and online.

Opportunity & Balance
We spend an enormous amount of time and energy working at getting the casting process right. We want every kid to be challenged, to grow, and to shine. We hope they will take pride in their production and the performances of their castmates. Most importantly, we want them to enjoy their experience.

This is best done when we can evaluate all 80 kids collectively. Our challenge is, what do we prioritize? These are our two options:

Registration First: This would certainly be simple. If we went this way, registration would be open for either mornings or afternoons, you would pick a slot and sign your kid up. It would, however, come with a very large disadvantage. Because we would be casting from two separate talent pools that are half the size, and rather arbitrary based on signups, the morning and afternoon groups would inherently be imbalanced and unequal in both ability and opportunity. That would be a big problem.

Casting First: This one seems counterintuitive at first. But, by casting from among all the kids, then splitting them into morning and afternoon groups, we have the best chance to offer the maximum balance of opportunity, ability, and age. These are the linchpins of a rewarding youth experience and a successful program.

Therefore, with your indulgence, and we hope understanding, we have elected to organizing camp this summer under the “Casting First” model. There will be a single registration. Upon casting, your child will be placed in one of two camp slots:

Mornings | 8:30-11:30
MON-THR | 6/21/21 – 7/29/21
Performances | 7/30/21 – 8/1/21

Afternoons | 12:45-3:45
MON-THR | 6/14/21 – 7/22/21
Performances | 7/23/21 – 7/25/21

If you have an urgent need regarding session placement (employment concerns, childcare coverage, carpool groups, etc.) please email with your concerns/requests. We will consider each instance on a case-by-case basis, but cannot guarantee placement in a specific camp.

Finally, please remember that by doing four camps this year, instead of the usual two, every child will have additional opportunities.

Here is the Pre-Camp schedule included with your registration:

4/21/21 | How-To Vocal Audition Video posted online
5/1/21 | Vocal Audition Videos Due from Campers
5/3/21 – 5/21/21 | Online Acting Workshops Available
5/28/21 – 5/31/21 | Online Callbacks
6/1/21 | Morning & Afternoon Camp Rosters Announced
6/11/21 | Casting Announced
6/14/21 | Afternoon Camp Begins
6/21/21 | Morning Camp Begins

COVID-19 Protocols
Last year we were limited to virtual-activities only. COVID-19 still impacts our world, but things are different in 2021. The Pfizer, Moderna and J&J vaccines are making, and will continue to make, a big impact on our return to normalcy. While we await a child vaccine, much has been learned from a year of in-person school experience here in Moorpark.

In keeping with COVID-19 protocols:
– Mask wearing by all participants and staff will be required at all times.
– 6’ distancing will be maintained by all participants and staff at all times.
– Camp will be divided into four performance groups of no more than 20.
– Participants of one performance group will never interact with those of another.
– Camp rehearsals will be conducted primarily outdoors under canopies.
– Limited indoor work with solos & small groups will be done under maximum ventilation and increased distancing.
– Daily temperature checks will be conducted at check in for all participants and staff.
– Performances will be exclusively outdoors.
– At performances: temperature checks for all onsite, along with mask wearing and 6’ distancing by all participants, staff, and attending audience members at all times.
– Tickets for performances will be by advance reservation only.

California’s governor has set June 15th as a return to normal goal. That might allow for a loosening of protocols for our performances in late July. We will make that assessment as we go, but for now, we are making plans for what we are confident we can present.