Comedy Night – January 6, 2024

January 06 - January 06, 2024

Hosted by Mark Christopher Lawrence
Mark is an international headliner who’s worked with Robin Williams, Jerry Seinfeld, Sinbad, Rodney Dangerfield, Jeff Foxworthy, and many more. He brings the best in Comedy to High Street.

Headliner – Joel Bryant
Joel makes the world laugh, from LA to Paris, swanky Singapore hot spots, dive bars in Berlin, or troops in the Middle East. He’s been seen on TV in shows like Monk, Criminal Minds, and more, and he’s emceed for the NFL for the last 7 Super Bowls. You never know where he’s going next, and rarely does he.

John Hill
John is a comedian known for his storytelling, observations on life, and marriage. He is known as a comic with a message and his goal is to be, “funny…for a change.”

Camille Waters
Great jokes, questionable life advice, Camille is a top up-and-coming comedian. Her real and honest take on mom and wife life has landed her spots in clubs all over Southern California.

Frequently we are asked, is this appropriate for children? All shows are “Clean Comedy” and not “Adult” or “Blue Comedy.” However, the material is intended for adults, and frequently adult relationships are discussed. A good rule to go by is assume all shows are PG-13.