Our Sponsors provide an essential base of annual support for the High Street Arts Center and help maintain its status as a leader among Ventura County’s performing arts centers. In grateful acknowledgement, we offer a generous variety of sponsorship levels and benefits to enrich each member’s performing arts experience. Find out how you can be a part of our thriving theater community.


Angel in the Wings ($2500)

The Babb Family
Michael and Laurel Marion
Cal-State Site Services – Rick and Barbara Modlin
Bob Pearson and Erin Pohl
Hugh and Kim Riley
R.L. and Melba Kistner
Lucky Fools Pub – Michael and Tricia Shield

Leading Role ($1,000)

  • Peter George and Caleb Heulitt
  • Clint and Sharon Harper
  • Ontrak Designs, Inc.
  • Bob and Millie Peskay
  • David and Diana Pollock
  • UBS Financial Services- Lou and Tina Valdez
  • Ray and Cheryl Mastrovito
  • Ilee Jr and Vera Rhimes
  • Bernard and Toni Luskin

Associate Producer ($1,500)

  • Lewis Greenwood Foundation
  • McGregor’s Craft Beer and Wine

Patron of the Arts ($250)

  • Joan Bernick
  • Michael Schaible and Cheryl DeBari
  • Lena DeMonte
  • John and Kristen Godard
  • Marilynn Green
  • Perez Family Funeral Home
  • Dr. Kelli Hays
  • Wally and Connie Boggess
  • Hannah Davey
  • Megan Rayzor
  • William and Kelly Kennedy
  • Ruth Sweitzer
  • Carla and Jessie Ames
  • Debbie Sweitzer
  • Tina Hampe
  • Mike Fischer
  • Nathan Apelbaum

Supporting Player ($500)

  • Kiwanis Club of Moorpark
  • Dawn and Roger Mortara
  • Linda Goble
  • Bernardo and Victoria Perez
  • Ken Rayzor and Kathee Boyer
  • John and Cara Tedrick
  • Karen McComiskey Allonomg
  • Sean and Meredith Altenberg
  • Mark and Sue Hearon
  • Margaret Riley
  • Sturdy Built Inc., Scott and Jennifer Armstrong
  • Mildred Seidman

Street Artist ($50)

  • Frank and Jackie Boller
  • Charlotte Hoyt
  • Christine Houghton
  • Alicia Kelly Johnson
  • Paul and Alice Stevens
  • David and Rosemary Grossman
  • Larry Jones
  • Matthew Eccles
  • Rosemary Licata
  • Beatrice Restifo
  • Janice and Dale Parvin
  • Dr. Robert Roty
  • Susie and Rick Najera
  • Esther Garcia
  • Wayne Schultheis
  • Hao Levan
  • Mark and Ellyn Schneider
  • Carrie and John Yokoyama
  • John and Kathleen Lane
  • Melinda Yaras

Theatre Buff ($150)

  • Dr. Roseann Mikos
  • Ralph and June Mauriello
  • Jim Cassou
  • Melissa Zawrotny
  • Kazzy Nishida
  • Nancy Chaubell