Broadway Producer Attends Annie

Wow! You never know who’s going to be sitting in the audience.

On Opening Night of Annie last week, Broadway producer Irwin Meyer was in attendance. In addition to once owning what is now Broadway’s Richard Rogers Theater, Mr. Meyer was one of the producers of the original Annie on Broadway.

Mr. Meyer spoke to the High Street cast following Opening Night and was very generous in his comments. He said the cast had learned the secret to putting on a good show – “to have fun onstage and the audience will too.”

He went on to say that before he took the original Annie to Broadway in 1977, they did previews in a small theater in Connecticut. Mr. Meyer said the High Street production reminded him very much of those performances.

“I think that the show in Moorpark was one of the better ones I’ve seen. The cast was fabulous, the choreography was fabulous, and when I got to meet the director, I was shocked to see that she was a young girl, and I told her ‘I can’t believe how you put this all together with a big cast on a teeny-weeny stage.” – Irwin Meyer

Thank you so much for your very kind words, Mr. Meyer!