Annie Get Your Gun

September 11 - October 11, 2015

Annie Oakley is the best shot around, and manages to support her little brother and sisters by selling the game she hunts. Col. Buffalo Bill persuades her to join his Wild West Show where she falls in love with dashing headliner Frank Butler. When she eclipses Butler as the main attraction, it’s good for business but bad for romance. Butler leaves to join a rival show, his bruised male ego leading the way, but is ultimately pitted against Annie in a final shoot-out.

Director: Deidre Parmenter
Musical Director: John Gaston
Choreographer: Amie Woolweber

Ticket Prices:
Adults: $20.00
Senior, Student, Military, Teacher: $18.00
Children 12 and under: $16.00


Cast List:

Age Ranges may be flexible

Annie Oakley – (mid 20’s – mid 30’s) Full of spunk, Annie is a backwoods woman who takes care of business. She is an expert marksman and is confident in her backwoods ways, but has some vulnerable moments in the new world of show business (and love). Down to earth simplicity, but with a ton of energy. Comedic talent needed (Mezzo-Belt) Low G-High F

Frank Butler – (late 20’s to early 40’s’s) Suave and a bit full of himself, Frank is a sharpshooter in a Wild West Show. He is the star, a bit of a ladies man, and has a bit of an ego problem – which he does manage to overcome, eventually. Baritone Low A-High F

Dolly Tate (37) Frank’s assistant, Dolly is over-the-top. Hair is over-dyed, she’s overly bigoted, she’s overly controlling, and she drives everyone a little bit nuts.

Tommy Keeler (late teens – early 20’s) a dashing young knife-thrower with the Wild West Show, part Native American, and very much in love with Winnie. Tenor or High Baritone Low B flat – High F.

Winnie Tate (17) Dolly’s 17-year-old sister. Tommy throws knives at her and hopes to marry her as soon as she turns 18. Winnie is sweet, innocent (and not), and knows her own mind. Mezzo Soprano or Soprano. Low B flat – High F

Buffalo Bill Cody (over 30) middle-aged soldier/Indian scout turned showman, runs the “Wild West Show”. Narrator – needs lots of energy – a bit of a circus ringmaster.   Low B – High F.

Charlie Davenport (over 30) middle-aged manager of the Wild West Show, always setting the scene for this show-within-a-show

Chief Sitting Bull (over 30) leader of the Sioux Nation, adopts Annie as his daughter and puts his money into show business with the Wild West Show in order to be near her. Has keen insight into human nature, which he shares through many oneliners.

Jessie Oakley (10-14) Annie’s sister, also part of the family hunting business. Sopranos/Altos. Low B flat-High D.

Nellie Oakley (10-14) Annie’s sister, also part of the family hunting business. Sopranos/Altos. Low B flat-High D.

Little Jake (8-10) Annie’s brother, her “bird dog” who flushes out game for her to shoot. Extra points if he can make “armpit noises.” Boy Soprano or Alto. Low B flat-High D.

Pawnee Bill (over 30) owner of the Far East Show; Buffalo Bill’s former partner and current rival.

Featured & Ensemble: (various ages, mostly adult/teens) Foster Wilson, Running Deer, Eagle Feather, Dining Car Waiter, Sleeping Car Porter, Messenger, Mrs. Sylvia Potter=Porter, Mrs. Schuyler Adams, Cowboys, Indians, Young Men and Ladies, Kings & Queens, Socialites, Debutantes, etc. All ensemble roles sing and dance.