Arsenic and Old Lace

April 14 - May 07, 2017
Meet the charming and innocent Brewster sisters who rent to lonely old gentlemen; whom they then murder in an act of charity. Throw in a handful of nephews – one who thinks he’s Teddy Roosevelt, another an engaged marriage-phobic and the last a murderer looking for a place to hide – and you’ve got one of theater’s most famous comedy smash hits.


Mortimer Brewster, (mid 30s to early 40s) – The anchor around which the whirlwind of action revolves.  Mortimer is a drama critic who must deal with the secret of his two eccentric aunts while handling two crazy siblings, one harmless, and one not so much, and the affections of his new fiancé.

Martha Brewster, (60s to 70s) – A kind and generous spinster woman with an odd way of showing her concern for older, lonely gentleman.  One of two sisters who share a house in Brooklyn, New York, with Mortimer and his brother Teddy.

Abby Brewster, (60s to 70s) – Martha’s darling sister, who shares the same eccentricities and is equally kind and earnest.

Elaine Harper, (mid 20s to early 30s) – Mortimer’s attractive girlfriend and later fiancé.  Daughter of a minister and eager for Mortimer’s affections.  She lives near the Brewster house with her father, and frequently attends plays with Mortimer.

Teddy Brewster, (40s to early 50s) – Mortimer’s crazy brother who lives in the same house and has an affinity for, and resemblance to, Teddy Roosevelt.  Bugle playing experience a plus.

Jonathan Brewster, (late 40s to 50s) – Mortimer’s estranged older brother who returns to the Brewster house and who has secrets of his own, and who bears a resemblance to Boris Karloff.

Dr. Einstein, (50s to early 60s) – Jonathan’s traveling companion, and an alcoholic plastic surgeon who has operated on Jonathan many times, most recently giving him his Karloffian visage.

Officer Brophy, (late 30s to 50s) – A typical Brooklyn cop, and a friend of the Brewster sisters.

Officer Klein, (late 30 to 50s) – Officer Brophy’s partner, and similarly a friend of the Brewster sisters.

The Reverend Dr. Harper, (50s to early 60s) – Elaine’s minister father.  Kind, but a bit pompous and protective of Elaine.

Officer O’Hara, (30s to 40s) – Another Brooklyn police officer and also a playwright eager for Mortimer’s opinion on and help with his play.

Mr. Gibbs, (late 60s to 70s) – An older gentleman who wishes to rent a room from the Brewsters.

Lt. Rooney, (40s to 60s) – New York police lieutenant, a typically gruff and tough supervisor to the officers.

Mr. Witherspoon, (60s to 70s) – An older gentleman who is the superintendent of the Happy Dale sanitarium.