My Fair Lady

August 25 - September 17, 2017

My Fair Lady is a beautiful musical based on George Bernard Shaw’s play, Pygmalion. Acclaimed Professor and confirmed bachelor Henry Higgins makes a wager with his linguistic colleague Colonel Pickering that in six months he can pass off “gutter snipe” Eliza Doolittle as a duchess at an embassy ball. Through arduous training, day and night, Eliza learns how to speak English “properly,” and transforms into a lady respected and adored by all classes.


Eliza Doolittle – A cockney flower girl working outside Covent Garden whose potential to become “a lady” becomes the object of a bet between Higgins and Pickering.  Outstanding actress and singer. Both Cockney and Standard British dialects required. Legit soprano or mezzo-soprano (B3-G5). (Age:  to play 20’s) Likely callback material:  Just You Wait and/or I Could Have Danced All Night.

Henry Higgins – An upper class confirmed bachelor and renowned professor of phonetics. An academic whose confidence in his own abilities and focused attention to his work tend to make him unaware and inconsiderate of normal niceties. He has no interest in romance as it would interfere with his work and routine.  Outstanding actor. Standard British dialect required. Baritone (A2-F4).  The original actor in this role, Rex Harrison, was famous for “talk-singing” his songs. As such, both legit singers and “talk-singers” will be considered for this role. (Age:  30’s to 50’s) Likely callback material: Why Can’t the English and/or I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face.

Colonel Pickering – An ex-British officer and fellow linguist specializing in Indian dialects.  Always kind, considerate, and a gentleman. His thoughtful treatment of Eliza helps her to respect herself. Standard British dialect required. Baritone (C3-F4). (Age:  40’s to 60’s). Callback material if needed:  You Did It.

Alfred P. Doolittle – Eliza’s father and an unashamed advocate of drink and pleasure.  Not a bad man, but not exactly honorable either. Cockney dialect required. Baritone (G3-E4). (Age:  45-65) Callback material if needed: I’m Getting Married in the Morning.

Freddy Eynsford-Hill – An upper class young man who becomes smitten with Eliza. Standard British dialect required. Tenor or High-Baritone (C3-F4). (Age:  to play 20’s) Callback material if needed:  On the Street Where You Live.

Mrs. Pearce – Henry Higgins’ sometimes exasperated but mostly patient housekeeper. Excellent actress with one line of singing (E4-G4). Standard British dialect required. (Age open, perhaps 45-70)

Mrs. Higgins – Henry’s long suffering mother. A refined lady of the upper class. Dissatisfied with her son’s lack of feeling and consideration for others. Eventually sympathetic to Eliza. Standard British dialect required. (Age: 55-75)

Mrs. Eynsford-Hill – Freddy’s mother and a friend of Mrs. Higgins. Standard British dialect required. (Age:  45-60)

Professor Zoltan Karpathy – Hungarian linguistic expert. Full of himself and his own abilities.  (Male, Age open, perhaps 30-50)

Harry and Jamie – Alfred Doolittle’s drinking companions. Baritone and Tenor with solo work in “With A Little Bit of Luck” and “I’m Getting Married in the Morning”.

Ensemble – Versatile singers/dancers/movers to play multiple speaking and singing roles including household staff, market traders, flower girls, drinkers, cockney characters, Embassy Ball guests, Ascot race goers, cockney quartet, and Queen of Transylvania.