Oliver – Junior

March 11 - March 13, 2016

Our Mainstage production of OLIVER just closed a very successful run. Meanwhile, all winter long our kids have been preparing their delightful Junior version – OLIVER – JUNIOR.  This bite-sized production is specially designed for younger audiences and so a perfect opportunity to introduce young people to live theater.  If you happen to have a budding thespian in the house, nothing brings out their interest and excitement more than seeing what other kids can do.



Oliver Twist – Sweet and innocent, lonely orphan workhouse boy. Boy Soprano A3 – F#5. In addition to your song, those auditioning for Oliver should prepare “Where is Love?” And “Consider Yourself”.

Fagin – Conniving career criminal, who takes in homeless boys and teaches them to pick pockets for him. Baritone A2-F#4. In addition to your song, those auditioning for Fagin should prepare “Pick a Pocket or Two”.

The Artful Dodger – A clever teenage pickpockets, who introduces Fagin to Oliver. Boy alto/belt A3-E5 (optional F5). Will consider tenor A2-F4. In addition to your song, those auditioning for Dodger should prepare “Consider Yourself”.

Nancy – A working girl who befriends Oliver and defends him. Mezzo/Alto Belt F3-C5, legit to G5. In addition to your song, those auditioning for Nancy, should prepare “As long As He Needs Me”.

Bill Sykes – An imposing criminal who gets what he wants through cruelty and intimidation. Baritone or Bass G2-D4. In addition to your song, those auditioning for Sykes should prepare “My Name”.

Mr. Bumble – The inept master of the workhouse in which Oliver lives. Tenor C3-A4.

Widow Corney – A domineering workhouse mistress, in cahoots with Mr. Bumble. Soprano or Mezzo Db4-F5.

Mr. Sowerberry – An insensitive undertaker who enslaves Oliver to further his business. Baritone C3-E4 (F4 is a plus).

Mrs. Sowerberry – The undertaker’s catty and self-important wife. Soprano or Mezzo C4-F5.

Charlotte Sowerberry – The flirtatious and rude daughter of the undertaker. Soprano or Alto.

Noah Claypole – The undertaker’s bullying apprentice, infatuated with Charlotte. Tenor or Baritone.

Mr. Brownlow – Oliver’s wealthy but estranged grandfather. Tenor, Baritone, or Bass.

Mrs. Bedwin – Browlow housekeeper and caretaker of Oliver. Sings reprise of “Where is Love” C4-Bb4.

Dr. Grimwig – Doctor and friend of Mr. Brownlow. Tenor or Baritone.

Charley Bates – A teenage pickpocket in Fagin’s crew. Tenor or Baritone.

Bet – Another teenage pickpocket in Fagin’s crew. Mezzo/Alto Ab3-Bb4

Old Sally / Mrs. Thingummy – An old woman pauper who was a nurse during Oliver’s delivery. Alto or Soprano.

Orphans – Boys aged 7 to 14 who live in the workhouse. Sopranos or Tenors.

Fagin’s Crew – Teenagers who work for Fagin, picking pockets and committing petty theft to earn their keep. Sopranos, Altos, or Tenors.

Ensemble – Shopkeepers, townspeople, various other roles. All vocal ranges.