On Golden Pond

April 15 - May 08, 2016

An elderly couple enjoy their latest summer in a cottage on a Maine lake, as they come to terms with the husband’s advancing age and his ongoing estrangement from his newly engaged daughter. On Golden Pond is a charming slice of life play that encompasses universal family themes such as aging, regret at actions taken and not taken, disappointment, love, resentment, loss, forgiveness, acceptance and renewal. It deals with a family coming to grips with finality and reflection as to whether or not they “measured up.” The setting is Golden Pond, Maine, the Thayer’s summer retreat where they have come for a long time and where they face perhaps their last summer.


Cast and Crew:

Director: Rebecca Davey
Producers: Ken Rayzor and Kathee Boyer
Costumer: Raquel Karoly

Norman Thayer – Jim Seerden

Ethel Thayer – Helene Benjamin

Chelsea Thayer Wayne – Judy Diderrich

Charlie Martin – David Colville

Billy Ray, Jr – Logan Grizzle

Bill Ray – Tim Moriarty