Singin’ in the Rain

February 02 - March 04, 2018

Singin’ in the Rain, beloved since the moment it premiered, is ranked as the fifth greatest motion picture of all time. Adapted for the stage, Singin’ in the Rain “pours” down delight, capturing the waning days of the silent screen era as movies give way to new-fangled “talkies.”


Don Lockwood (MALE: late 20’s to early 40’s) G – F# (Bari-tenor) Famous movie star, romantic lead, charismatic and charming, outstanding tap dancer, strong singer & dancer.

Kathy Selden (FEMALE: 20-30) G – Eb  Mezzo; Classic ingénue. Don’s love interest; sweet but spunky, excellent tap dancer, strong singer/strong dancer.

Cosmo Brown (MALE: late 20’s to early 40’s) C – G (Bari-tenor) Don’s best friend, high energy comedic sidekick, outstanding tap dancer, acrobatic skills and/or ability to play piano would be a plus.  Strong Dancer

Lina Lamont (FEMALE: late 20’s – mid 30’s) Don’s glamorous leading lady on screen (but not off). A silent film actress with a brash and obnoxious personality and a high-pitched, nasal voice. Actress with comedic timing and ability to sing with a character voice.

R.F. Simpson (MALE: 40+) No vocal solos; big time studio executive and producer with Monumental Pictures, based on Louis B. Mayer.

Rosco Dexter (MALE: 30+) No vocal solos; director of Lockwood and Lamont pictures, high strung and tightly wound.

Rod (MALE: 20+) No vocal solos; breezy, over-energetic Public Relations man for Monumental Pictures; may also be in ensemble.

Zelda Zanders (FEMALE: 25-35) No vocal solos; a flapper socialite and actress on her ninth marriage. Lina’s friend; also in ensemble; dancer

Dora Bailey (FEMALE: 35+) No singing; red carpet commentator; gossipy society reporter.

Miss Dinsmore (FEMALE: 35+) No singing; Lina’s exasperated diction coach.

Male Diction Coach (MALE: 35+) No singing; Don’s diction coach. May dance in Moses Supposes if actor has tap ability, but this is not required.

Sid Phillips (MALE: 30+) No vocal solos; Flamboyant Director of musicals.

Featured Tenor (MALE: Any age) D – Ab; Soloist with a golden voice in “Beautiful Girl.” May also play other roles or ensemble; some dance.