Something Rotten!

October 13 - November 12, 2023

(Rated PG-13) It’s the 16th Century and Shakespeare is the hottest ticket in town, much to the chagrin of two brothers desperate to write their own hit play. So they seek out a soothsayer who foretells the future of theatre where actors break into song and dance for no reason at all in something called “A Musical.” This mash-up of Shakespeare and Broadway is the hilarious SOMETHING ROTTEN!


Shakespeare – Jack William Cleary
Nick Bottom – Michael Rosenblum
Nigel Bottom – Aiden Kastner
Bea – Courtney Potter
Portia – Jacqueline Patrice
Thomas Nostradamus – Joey Langford
Brother Jeremiah – Joe Mulder
Minstrel – Sof Cohen
Lady Clapham – Sahai N. Lara
Shylock – Steve Todd
Robin – Brennen Klitzner
Francis Flute – Jack Rogers
Tom Snout – Layla Ulrich
Snug – Leo Helfrich
Peter Quince – Quinn Husband
Bard Boys – Abel Alderete, Christopher Smith, Kyler Bray, Reagan Lockwood
And with the amazing talents of – Alison Friedman, Austyn Smith, Bryan Friedman, Griffin Giboney, Kira Reed, Melina Ortega, Mia Vavasseur, Paige Pensivy, Quinlynn Mainwaring, Shanelle Brooks, Taylor Bass, Whitney Grubb