Something Rotten!

October 13 - November 12, 2023

It’s the 16th Century and Shakespeare is the hottest ticket in town, much to the chagrin of two brothers desperate to write their own hit play. So they seek out a soothsayer who foretells the future of theatre where actors break into song and dance for no reason at all in something called “A Musical.” This mash-up of Shakespeare and Broadway is the hilarious SOMETHING ROTTEN!


Shakespeare – Jack William Cleary
Nick Bottom – Michael Rosenblum
Nigel Bottom – Aiden Kastner
Bea – Courtney Potter
Portia – Jacqueline Patrice
Thomas Nostradamus – Joey Langford
Brother Jeremiah – Joe Mulder
Minstrel – Sof Cohen
Lady Clapham – Sahai N. Lara
Shylock – Steve Todd
Robin – Brennen Klitzner
Francis Flute – Jack Rogers
Tom Snout – Layla Ulrich
Snug – Leo Helfrich
Peter Quince – Quinn Husband
Bard Boys – Abel Alderete, Christopher Smith, Kyler Bray, Reagan Lockwood
And with the amazing talents of – Alison Friedman, Austyn Smith, Bryan Friedman, Griffin Giboney, Kira Reed, Melina Ortega, Mia Vavasseur, Paige Pensivy, Quinlynn Mainwaring, Shanelle Brooks, Taylor Bass, Whitney Grubb