West Side Story

October 15 - November 14, 2021

West Side Story is a modern musical representation of the classic story “Romeo and Juliet”. The sharks and the jets are rival gangs fighting for the same territory. Tensions rise as a shark girl named Maria and a Jet named Tony fall for each other, but there’s a problem – they can never be together.


Character Breakdown:

The Jets
Tony: A romantic young man who was the leader of the Jets, but has matured and outgrown the gang. Genuinely sincere and natural. Falls in love with Maria and is torn between his love for her and friends in the gang. Strong singing and acting role with limited dancing; Tenor
Riff – Leader of the Jets and best friend of Tony. Passionate, likeable, energetic and still full of love for the gang. All around actor, dancer, and singer. High Baritone
Diesel – Lieutenant to Riff.
Baby John – The youngest member of the gang, awed at everything, including that he is a jet, tries to act the big man, but is vulnerable.
Action – He is the most aggressive of the Jet gang and takes over as leader when Riff is killed. Baritone
A-rab – Enjoys everything, takes nothing seriously, unaware and can be explosive.
Big Deal – A bespectacled self-styled expert.
Snow Boy – Member of the gang with limited lines.
Anybodys – A scrawny, teenaged tomboy. Desperately wants to be in the Jets gang with the boys. Will do most of her rehearsals with the Jet boys.
Graziella – Riff’s girlfriend. Smaller acting role, but must have dance ability to carry off the Dance at the Gym with Riff.
Velma – Diesel’s girlfriend, impressed with herself

The Sharks:
Maria – Innocent and pretty sister of Bernardo, the leader of the Puerto Rican Shark gang. She falls in love with Tony, heightening the gang warfare. Maria grows up quickly through the show to reveal a strong, emotional young woman. Very strong vocal and acting role with limited dancing. Soprano
Anita – Bernardo’s girlfriend, a feisty, alluring, realistic and assertive young woman who acts as an ‘older sister’ to Maria. All around strong acting, singing, dancing role. Alto/Mezzo-Soprano
Bernardo – The leader of the Sharks and Maria’s older brother. Handsome and charismatic with real Latin style and pride. Strong actor and dancer. Baritone
Chino – Quiet and innocent member of the Sharks who is the ‘intended’ husband of Maria. Smaller acting role, however he has a highly emotional scene with Maria when he tells her that Tony killed her brother. Pepe – Lieutenant to Bernardo, typically proud and resentful of discrimination.
Indio – Typically proud and resentful of discrimination.
Rosalia/Consuelo/Francisca – 3 of the Shark girls who sing “I Feel Pretty with Maria”.
Ensemble – For both Sharks and Jets, additional gang members and/or girlfriends may be cast as needed.

The Adults:
Doc – The middle-aged owner of the drugstore where Tony works. Tired, worn out, caring and acts as a father figure to Tony. Must have a commanding presence, but in a very gentle way. Acting role only. Lieutenant Schrank – Plainclothes detective who tries to clean up the streets and stop the gang warfare more for an easy life than because he cares. Sarcastic and superficially pleasant to cover up his bigotry, racism and fear. Acting role only.
Officer Krupke – Big, not-too-bright street cop. Acting role only.
Glad Hand – Nerdy, overly cheerful and ill-equipped school social director. Acting role only.